Will Pipe Lining Fix A Broken Sewer Pipe?

Are My Pipes Broken?

If you are having significant sewer backup with water pooling around your drains and possibly undesirable accompanying odors, you may have a break in your sewer line. It could also be a severe blockage, such as a root. SewerTV can help sort out exactly what the obstruction is and deliver your best options to you professionally, affordably and with accountability. We offer a free evaluation and estimate before we begin any work.

Can Pipe Lining Fix A Break?

Sewer backups can be caused by many different factors: roots, corrosion, mineral and sludge buildup, collapses…or, yes, it could be a broken pipe. If you’ve heard that pipe lining is a good way to fix broken pipes, you’ve heard correctly. However, it’s not always the best solution. Fixing your pipes depends on the nature of the “break,” how old your pipes are and other factors. In addition to older, costlier and more troublesome excavation methods we at Sewer TV don’t recommend, there is pipe lining and pipe bursting.

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Sewer V Is Orange County’s Premier Pipe Bursting Service

You should know that pipe bursting is an alternative to pipe lining. If it is the case that your pipes are very old and/or extensively damaged, your sewer lines may be a candidate for pipe bursting. For example, if the pipe is partially collapsed or large sections are missing, it frequently makes more plumbing sense to then rehabilitate your sewer pipes by bursting.


Do Your Pipes Need Lining Or Bursting? Let SewerTV Assess Your Sewer Lines

If your lines aren’t so badly damaged, then they might be a candidate for lining. It depends on what we find after a video inspection. Video inspection is the most sophisticated and certain way to ascertain with precision what is causing your sewer to back up and how to repair the problem.

Do keep in mind that SewerTV offers a free evaluation. With our trained and experienced eyes, we can usually get a clear picture of what is going on and give you a well-informed idea of what you’re facing. We also suggest that you let one of our highly-trained plumbers do an inspection of your property, not only to create a full profile of your home or business’ state of plumbing, but to apprise you of any proactive measures you can take to decrease any future likelihood of plumbing mishaps.

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Orange County Residents And Businesses: SewerTV Offers Free Plumbing Evaluations And Estimates

If you live in Orange County, SewerTV is just a phone call away, and that means that you’re just a quick call away from getting a free evaluation or estimate on any plumbing project with which you’re faced. Nobody likes to have problems with their plumbing system, but if you do, call us and we’ll do whatever we can to get your home or business back in the flow of things.

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