Various Drain Cleaning Methods in Orange County, California

Your Orange County Experts for All Your Drain and Line Cleaning Issues

We are your Orange County experts for all drain and line clogs. Well-versed in every available method of drain cleaning and repair, whether it be an old reliable standby or a newer, advanced technique, we understand when each procedure is appropriate. We also prize maintaining a highly ethical, customer-centered standard. Our total knowledge of our industry paired with our reliability and honest customer service means we pass along to you value and expertise.

Knowing When You Have A Serious Clog

If your clog is confined to one drain, then it probably is not that big of a deal. But if you find water pooling up around several drains in your house, and perhaps there is an odor that could be associated with it, then you probably have a systemic clog. In that case, call on your Orange County experts to professionally diagnose and efficiently solve your plumbing problems.

The Orange County Specialists: We Rely On Our Years Of Experience

We have tackled thousands of clog jobs: bathroom sinks and drains, kitchen sinks, showers and tubs, lateral and basement floor drains and sewer mains. A couple of common tools we use to solve your problems are:

  • Drain Snake Machine Cleaning
  • Hydroscrub Jetter Cleaning

The Venerable Drain Snake

Drain snake machine cleaning is probably one of the most recognizable tools we use to clear clogs. Drain snaking, also known as rooting, as an auger has been around for years. The drain snake auger is essentially a corkscrew-shaped auger attached at the end of a bendable metal cable. The majority of drain snakes around today are machine drain snakes, powered by electricity. It rotates in the clogged drain until it hits the obstruction, at which point the corkscrew will scrape away the clog. It is especially effective when used in conjunction with video inspection. We highly recommend the combination. Call your Orange County professionals for further details.

plumbers snaking tool

The Hydroscrub Jetter

Another highly effective method to clear your drains and lines of clogs is to use a hydroscrub jetter. Our Fullerton drain cleaning service employs the combination of high water pressure and water volume to efficiently and completely blast out the clog. One advantage of the hydroscrub jetter is that, where a traditional cable or snake method may only penetrate a part of the clog, the intense, concentrated pressure from the jetter will burst through the entire clog, clearing an easy-flowing way for all types of drainage. Again, this method is most effective when paired with video inspection.

clogged pipe plumbing tool

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