Pipe Lining Might Be The Solution To Your Drain Problems

Problems with drainage and plumbing often occur, which is why the list of common drain problems is a long one. There are many preventative measures you can take to ensure that your Fullerton, CA plumbing system stays clear of these common, everyday problems. The most helpful step you can take is to be proactive and be smart about how you invest in your plumbing.

Small Drain Problems

Common drain problems in your Fullerton, CA residence, such as a slow draining sink or shower, can be caused from a number of things. Most times, these problems can be cleared quickly and easily. However, there are other instances that may require the work of a plumbing professional. Clogged sinks and toilets are the easiest to fix yourself, as these blockages are generally caused due to a build-up of hair or other substances in the drain. In order to clear it, you can use warm water or a plunger to break up the clog, allowing a free flow of water through your pipes. However, there are instances where the blockage may be very far down the pipe, and no amount of warm water or other fluids may help break it up.

Pulling hair from a drain

Bigger Drain Problems

A more difficult blockage would be when the main drain line leaving your Fullerton, CA home is clogged. Although a common drain problem, it’s a bit more difficult to deal with because the main drain is much larger. Since the main drain is bigger than the other pipes in your home, when it gets clogged, it means that it’s clogged by a significant amount of material. As far as exterior sources, roots or other outdoor substances may find their way into your plumbing system, which can wreak havoc and cause drainage issues.

How Pipe Lining Helps

When looking for a solution to common drain problems, pipe lining is the best option. Pipe lining is a system in which SewerTV’s licensed professionals use an epoxy impregnated liner to seal the pipes in your home. Referred to as Cured-In-Place-Piping (CIPP), the CIPP process works to repair already damaged piping systems, as well as prevent damage from coming to your pipes. To solve common drain problems, this pipe lining process works in three steps. First, the lines are evaluated. Although common problems, no two systems and issues are really ever the same, and each one must be evaluated to determine how the situational issue can be solved. Next, professionals will clean the lines using high pressure water and special tools. Lastly, a new pipe liner is put into place using epoxy, lining material, and air pressure, allowing for a smooth and seamless piping system.

home with great drains

Pipe Lining in your Orange County home

In addition to the obvious key virtue of solving common drain problems in your Fullerton, CA home, since the whole process is usually done below ground, it means that the landscape and infrastructure of your home will remain undisturbed. CIPP creates a smooth flowing system that repairs existing drainage problems and prevents potential threats. Acting like a pipe within a pipe, it is a more economical and low impact alternative to installing a whole new system.

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