Orange County Sewer Solutions: Pipe Lining vs. Pipe Bursting

SewerTV in Orange Country Gives You Options With Accountability

For residents and Orange County business owners, SewerTV can diagnose your sewer line problems and recommend the best path forward for the life of your pipes. And for your bank account.

Depending on the situation, either pipe lining or pipe bursting may be the appropriate choice. Each has its own merits. SewerTV, your professional choice for trenchless solutions in Orange County, has the professional solution to help you make the best decision for the life and value your property.

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What Is The Difference Between Pipe Bursting And Pipe Lining?

To understand the difference between the two methods of pipe replacement, or as it may be better termed, pipe rehabilitation, it’s important to understand an essential commonality between the two: both methods are “trenchless.” This means that each method, bursting and lining, makes use of a single entry point. The chief advantage to this minimally-intrusive way of pipe renewal is that there is far less digging involved, and that means less inconvenience, less opportunity for anything to go wrong, less manpower…and in the end, less money spent.

Pipe Bursting

As with pipe lining (we’ll get to that in a moment), pipe bursting dispenses with the need for construction trenches. With pipe bursting, we dig an insertion pit and a receiving pit. That’s it for the digging. The “bursting” in pipe bursting refers to the tool we use. We insert an expanding device called an expander head into the existing pipe via the insertion pit. The expanding device breaks the defective pipe into many small pieces as it travels forward. We also attach new pipe to the back of the expander head, whose dual purpose is to both break the pipe as mentioned and also lay new pipe as it moves along.

Pipe Lining

Pipe lining is a little different, but depending on the situation may be the correct choice for repairing your problem sewer pipes. Like bursting, lining makes use of a single entry, but instead of breaking the existing pipe into small pieces, lining works with your existing pipes by installing an epoxy liner along the inside. In short, the epoxy solutions eventually harden and create a brand new pipe-within-a-pipe. Doing so significantly increases the flow characteristics of your drain pipe. This means that your pipes will flow better than ever!

SewerTV Will Help You Decide Which Is The Best Way To Go For Your Orange County Home Or Business: Pipe Bursting Or Pipe Lining

SewerTV will investigate your pipes using video (kind of like getting scoped for surgery) to diagnose what is wrong with your system. With authority, we can then consult with you about how to proceed. There are many reasons pipes fail, and should you unfortunately have this experience, let us, your foremost Orange County pipe rehabilitation experts help you save time, save money and make the wisest plumbing investment for your property.

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