Orange County Lateral Pipe Lining: The Leading Sewer Repair Method

Orange County Lateral Pipe Lining: We Are The Best

Lateral pipe lining, or as it is often called, “trenchless” technology, is a new technology that creates a brand new pipe inside your broken or cracked sewer pipe. A felt liner that is coated with epoxy resin is inverted into the existing pipe using air. The expoxy soaked liner then hardens into a durable, seamless, new pipe. Think of it as kind of a pipe inside the pipe that serves to rehabilitate your home or business’ older pipes, strengthening them as well as leak-proofing them. It’s simple and ingenious.

Why Is Lateral Pipe Lining Sometimes Called Trenchless Technology?

So, why is it referred to as “trenchless?” That’s because there is no extensive and expensive digging. No digging means that it is cost-effective and does not do damage. Consider for a moment the kinds of damage digging can do. Suppose a pipe beneath your house breaks down. The costs to repair that by digging would include tearing your floor up, causing extensive structural damage to your home. That then might devalue your property, and with today’s market being what it is, any further depreciation of property values is unthinkable. Finally, it is just a hassle to be inconvenienced that way. There are three great reasons to consider why you should let your hometown Fullerton specialists rehabilitate your sewer utilizing revolutionary lateral pipe lining technology.

  • Cost Efficient
  • Transforms A Major Headache Into A Second Thought
  • Easy Convenience

Experience and Expertise: The Fullerton Way

Your hometown Fullerton lining professionals will consult with you on how to best mitigate imminent costs by effectively installing lateral pipe lining. After a thorough inspection of the property, our experts will be able to accurately assess your present and potential problems and will deal honestly with you.

Sewer pipes and drains can fall prey to many different pitfalls, and California presents its own unique set of difficulties with which to deal. That is why it is critical that you choose your local Fullerton experts who have experience in confronting these particular problems, such as earthquake wear and damage, sudden flooding, erosion and other mishaps. We fully recommend lateral pipe lining as a preventative measure against all natural and manmade problems which may arise.

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Installing Lateral Piping: Time-Efficient

As well as being proactive, wise and cost-efficient, installing an epoxy lateral pipe liner is also a quick process. For pipes with a diameter of 2” – 8”, the process can be done in a day; sometimes even in half a day depending on the specifications of your property.

With today’s real estate market bearing less fruit, it makes sense to get the most out of the property you own for your peace of mind and for your wallet. Preventing major repair jobs in the present ensures maximum returns on your investment in the future. And installing lateral pipe lining is clearly part of that investment in your future well-being.

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