Pipe Lining Is A Cost Effective Solution To Pipe Repair In Orange, CA

Pipe-Lining in Fullerton and Orange County

Sewer Grating

If you own a house in Fullerton or anywhere in Orange County, you may wish to consider a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining for your corroded, blocked, collapsed, or leaking pipes. Pipelining is an ideal solution for old homes and pipe systems. CIPP lining is a “trenchless” alternative to traditional digging, which is time consuming, expensive, and stops above ground activities. Non-intrusive lining systems can be considered a godsend next to old fashioned demolition and reconstruction processes. Imagine, not having teams of workers in front of your home for days, interrupting traffic and creating unwanted noise. Oh, and you can stop worrying about your landscaping and driveway. CIPP is an efficient and effective solution, with less liability risks.


  1. A licensed and certified plumber inserts a sewer camera for inspection to identify the problem areas, whether the pipe is clogged or damaged.
  2. Pipes are cleaned with tools such as a hydro-jetter, and any calcite is descaled.
  3. Liner is measured and cut by your Orange County plumber.
  4. A two-part epoxy solution is mixed together and poured onto the felt liner to saturate and permeate the liner. The liner is then inverted into the sewer.
  5. After, a bladder is put in the pipe and inflated. It pushes the liner against the pipe wall. The epoxy solution completes the curing process against this wall, taking a few hours. It creates the structure of a pipe existing within a pipe.
  6. Once the resin dries, a camera is sent back into the pipe to inspect the job.
    It’s all as easy as that! Lateral lining materials even reach 22’s, 45’s, and sweeping 90’s without a problem. If your pipes need some work, call Sewer V out to inspect them, and know that the process does not have to be as involved or costly as traditional digging. It is usually done in less than 5 hours!
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