How To Fix A Running Toilet

Fullerton homes have different types of toilets, whether old or new, but most of them work in the same ways. When your toilet is running constantly, you can be wasting hundreds of gallons of water a week, not to mention putting money toward a hefty water bill. Do not be squeamish when it comes to getting up close and personal with your porcelain potty. Here is a guide to help smooth out the repair process.

open toilet bowl isolated on white background

Flushing As Normal

When your toilet is flushing correctly, the handle being pushed down lifts the flapper/tank ball in the tank. This opens the hole to the bowl. The water declines, until the flapper is pushed back down to stop the water flow. Then, more water starts to fill the tank back up, until it reaches a peak point.

“Run-On” Plumbing Problem

When your toilet water keeps running, the problem you are having is called a “run-on.”

Run-On Flushing
A run-on is usually caused by the flapper not shutting all the way. Take the lid off your toilet tank. (Remember to not be squeamish about touching your toilet’s innards. The water is clean.)

Flapper Problems
Observe the flap. If it is not closing all the way, is something blocking it? Is the chain connected to the flapper damaged or kinked? Sometimes, the flapper needs to be replaced, but the process is cheap and easy as long as you make sure to get the right size replacement.

Float Ball Problems
If your float ball is not working correctly, it will not be floating at the top of the water. Simply unscrew it, take it with you to the hardware store, and get a replacement. If there is still problems with the new one, you may just need to bend the arm that carries the float ball, so the float ball can rest on top of the water line.

Ballcock Problems
If the toilet continues to run or leak, there may be problems with the valve body. There may be some sediment inside of it, or it could be worn. You can buy kits to repair and replace these toilet tank parts.

Before Purchasing A Toilet Tank Kit

Your kit should have detailed instructions, but in order to choose the kit you need, you need to bring your ballcock with you to the hardware store. To get this part, first stop the flow of new water, by turning off the water under your toilet tank. You can put a bucket underneath the tank to collect the remaining tank water. The nuts connecting the riser tube, under the tank, need to be unswcrewed. Inside the tank, lossen the screws and nuts to pull out the ballcock. When you get a new one from the hardware store, like with all the other replacement pieces, take the part with you.

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