Pipe Bursting: The New Sewer Repair Alternative

Orange County: What Is Pipe Bursting And How Does It Work (And What Are The Consequences Of Ignoring My Slow Drains)?

At SewerTV, we get asked all the time about pipe bursting; what it is, how it works and why it’s the best way to refurbish your failing sewer pipes. If your pipes have degraded to the point where hydro-jetting and other methods to unclog obstructions doesn’t work, pipe bursting is absolutely the best way to repair them.

What happens if you don’t choose to go with our Orange County pipe bursting service? Initially, sewer gasses will begin to back up into your home because they have no other route to ventilate. Your home will become nearly intolerable, yet that’s just the beginning. The slow drains you’ve been experiencing will completely stop, and your toilet will begin to back up, eventually overflowing. This results in unsanitary wastes on your floor. Feces and urine are difficult to get out of carpet, so you will probably have to replace that as well. In other words, you will be displaced and you will end up paying in the tens-of-thousands of dollars just to reenter your own home.

pipe bursting

But you can stop this from happening if you act quickly.

How Does Pipe Bursting Work?

Pipe bursting is a process whereby a device called an expander (or bursting) head is inserted into a broken pipeline. As it pushes through the old pipe, it breaks it into many small pieces and pushes them into the surrounding dirt, ending up in what is called the receiving pit. Meanwhile, there is a section of new pipe which is attached to the back of the expander head. This replaces the old pipe with properly functioning new pipe. This process is very efficient. Much more so than digging trenches, inevitably leading to more expenses, more labor and much more inconvenience. In Fullerton, we’re your pipe bursting specialists.

Exactly What Are The Benefits of Pipe Bursting?

Pipe bursting presents many cost-effective benefits:

  • Less labor intensive
  • Less destructive
  • Less worry, more convenient
  • Quicker installation
  • Less potential for property devaluation

There is no extensive and expensive digging. If you have ever been around traditional methods of digging up and replacing pipes, then you know what a headache that can be. It literally disrupts lives. With the older ways, you had to schedule your life and work around the job being done. With pipe bursting, we minimize the time and hassle associated with pipe replacement. Fewer laborers, quicker installation and less of a mess: these are all advantages of pipe bursting.

One of the most important factors to consider is your property value. Pipe bursting is a fantastic method for maintaining the worth of your property here in Fullerton because it is less destructive. That means there is less a chance that anything else might go wrong. When you minimize risks that go along with pipe replacement, you help preserve your investment.

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