Don’t Wear Out Your Plunger Continuously Clogged Drains! Hydro-Jet

Hydro-Jetting: The Best Drain Cleaning Solution

Face it: there’s nothing worse than bad plumbing. And there’s only one solution to it…a great plumber. SewerTV in Fullerton is, without a doubt, the best plumbing company in Orange County.

One of the reasons SewerTV is moon leaps and canyon bounds better than anybody else is hydro-jetting. Not only because we offer hydro-jetting and not only because we’re the best at hydro-jetting, but we also offer a free video inspection with every drain cleaning job. So if your drains have been backing up and you’ve been sensing the stench of failing sewers, call SewerTV to fix your drains for good the first time!

Common Causes Of Sewer Pipe Failure

  • Root infiltration
  • Hair
  • Soap buildup
  • Mineral deposits
  • Oil and grease
  • Scaling
  • Rings and other jewelry
  • Sludge

Why Is Hydro-Jetting So Better Than Weaker, Older Fullerton Drain Cleaning Methods?

Hydro-jetting is a relatively simple but brilliant process that uses concentrated pressure and speed. Our cutting-edge hydro-jetting system utilizes pinpoint accurate technology that targets the clog to root out stubborn obstructions older, wimpy methods like simple snaking can’t penetrate. It’s a speedy, highly-effective plumbing tool that yields long-lasting results.

The hydro-jetting tool is precision made with a finely-calibrated nozzle, high-pressure, industrial-strength hose and a tank specifically designed for hydro-jetting. Simple, right? Yes. But incredibly useful and even more effective at blasting away clogs with a track record of proven success. With an impact up to 4,000psi, the hydro-jetter obliterates obstructions, freeing your drains and pipes to run like new. The intense scouring action restores you sewer to a nearly pristine condition. Don’t spend money over and over and over again! Call SewerTV to do it perfectly. Let our hydro-jetting technicians step in to save the day!

hydro jetting

Failing To Hydro-Jet Your Clogged Sewer Lines May Have Dire Consequences

If you fail to take appropriate action and put off properly hydro-jetting your clogged pipes, the results will be disastrous. Not only will your home stink to the point you will be forced to leave it, you will eventually pay the price. What does that mean? Because your toilet and drains will quickly back up, you will probably have to replace flooring in your home because of the unsanitary flooding that will occur. Drain cleaning in Costa Mesa is competitive but we are by far the best.

But it gets worse.

That kind of flooding is a serious threat to you and your family’s health. Feces is well-known to contain life-threatening bacteria like E-Coli, which can, at the very least, put you in the hospital. The worst case scenario is death.

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