Don’t Let Your House Be The Smelly One On The Block!

Are you sick and tired of having to repeatedly deal with clogged drains? Is your current plumber just not making the grade? Are you suspicious that he isn’t properly fixing your clogged drains for good in order to keep making house calls and overcharge you for services that should have been cured a long time ago? This situation stinks. But there are unethical plumbers around who employ predatory business practices to squeeze every dime they can out of their unsuspecting customers.

What’s worse is that you also have to deal with repellent fecal matter and urine saturating and ruining your carpet and staining your baseboards, or unsightly hair clogs being regurgitated from your shower drains when your relatives are in town for a visit. It’s disgusting and harmful to your family’s health…and you shouldn’t have to deal with this nauseating problem again and again.


But there is good news! In order to fix bad plumbing, you have to call a great plumber. For clogged drains in Anaheim, Fullerton and Orange County, that means calling SewerTV.

SewerTV can permanently fix your objectionable plumbing problems with pipelining. You will never have to be embarrassed again when a neighbor stops by only to immediately leave because the stench of backed up sewer gasses in your home drives them away.

What Is Pipelining?

Lateral pipe lining or simply pipelining is a proven method to rehabilitate your home’s sewer system and restore it to like-new condition. You’ll often see it referred to as “trenchless” technology. It installs a line of epoxy, a fiber-soaked resin. That then hardens into a durable pipe liner which is actually stronger and more resilient than your home’s original pipes. Think of it as kind of a pipe inside the pipe that serves to rehabilitate your home or business’ older pipes, strengthening them as well as making them more leak-proof. This simple but brilliant method of sewer pipe restoration has been successfully applied for years to rave reviews and results that last over 50 years.

If your drain clogs are recurring and causing you all those headaches we discussed above, pipelining is probably the most viable way forward for you to avoid those problems.

Benefits Of Pipelining

When we called pipelining technology “trenchless,” that means that there is absolutely minimal digging involved in refurbishing your home’s sewage system. And when we don’t have to dig as much, that means no property destruction. No property destruction means less expenses associated with rebuilding, landscaping and labor fees. Pipelining is:

  • Cost-effective
  • Non-destructive
  • No digging!
  • Durable, lasting for years!
  • No more potentially harmful or deadly fecal waste in your home!
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