5 Things A Sewer Video Inspection Will Show You

Getting Your Drains Inspected Can Save You Money

One of the most important systems in your house is your plumbing system which includes your drain pipe system. When your drains are working properly you don’t even notice them. However, when there is a problem and your toilet is backed up for instance, this can suddenly become priority number one. Anytime you have a clogged drain in your home you should have your drains inspected using a sewer video inspection camera. Technology has come a long way recently, plumbers now have the equipment to put a tiny video camera into your sewer pipes to inspect them for defects and identify problems.

If your Fullerton home has had persistant problems with your sewer backing up then you should get your drain pipes inspected with a sewer video inspection camera. This will identify what exactly is going on with you pipes and the reason for the blockage.

sewer line inspection

Things a Sewer Video Inspection will identify:

1. Identify broken or cracked pipes
2. Pinpoint the exact location of a problem area
3. Locate tree roots in your pipe
4. See scale build up and debri is sewer line
5. Make sure pipes are clear after having them cleaned

If any of these drain problems go undiscovered you could be calling the plumber out several times a year to poke a hole through the same recurring problem. Using a professional drain cleaner who inspects your drain pipes when he is done clearing the blockage, will ensure you have addressed the true problem.

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