What is Sewer Drain Video Inspection in Orange County, California?

Sewer Drain Video Inspection – Preventive Medicine For Your Orange County Home Or Business

Like preventative medicine, preventative video inspection of your sewer drain and lines is a preemptive strike against offensive flooding and expensive repairs. And like a good checkup, it is critical to stay on top of the health of your plumbing. The key to keeping a lid on costs is prevention. Video inspection is a minimally-invasive technique. What that means to you and your checkbook is that it is non-destructive.

However, we do not always act in time. These things happen. Perhaps a toilet backs up or a shower drain is not draining the way it should be. It does not necessarily mean it is too late, but it is a red flag letting you know that you should have your sewer drain and lines inspected right away. We all know what the consequences are when putting off something so important.

Video Inspection – The Superior Method for Prevention and Repair in Orange County

The absolute best way to inspect your lines is by video inspection. Again, medicine is a good way to consider the problem. Think of video inspection as being akin to scoping a knee or shoulder in order to diagnose what is wrong with the lines. In Fullerton, there is nobody better at performing sewage video inspections than we are. By carefully inserting a camera into your pipes with surgical precision, we can get up close and personal with any problems or potential problems you may have.

One distinct advantage of sewer drain and line video inspection is that it assists us in solving your entire problem. In the past, without the aid of video, plumbers might simply insert a snake into the line, only poking a hole through the blockage. But the blockage is still there. Plumbers had no real way of knowing how extensive the problem was. And that’s like treating a broken arm with an aspirin. It simply is not sufficient.

Video Inspection: The Diagnosis and Cure For What Ails Your Sewer Lines

Now with the advent of video inspection, we are finally able to fully diagnose the problem. That translates into a total solution. And if you act proactively, that means no objectionable messes for you to clean and potentially thousands upon thousands of dollars in savings. There are virtually any number of obstructions which can cause you serious problems. Hair, tree roots and any number of foreign objects, as well as pipe corrosion, decay and aging all pose a potential threat to the health of all your drains and lines. We are your reliable, full-service techs who not only understand the problems, we have true insight in how to prevent and repair them.

Orange County, California and Sewer Line Damage

California presents unique challenges for plumbers. Obviously, an earthquake or tremor can cause major damage to any piping system. Here in Fullerton, we are no strangers to the threats a quake represents. It is just one more reason to have your sewer drains and lines periodically inspected by us. By making sure that your pipes are healthy, free from any structural damage and free-flowing, you are proactively safeguarding your investment. As the old saying goes, ‘An ounce of prevention…’

Video inspection of sewer lines and drains can detect and diagnose:

  • Blockage
  • Corrosion
  • Collapsed Pipes
  • Interrupted or Offset Joints
  • Leaks
  • Recessed Taps
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