Why your Toilet is Clogged.

Contrary to popular belief, toilets can become clogged due to a variety of reasons not having to do with human waste. From simple to complex, a clogged toilet can clue you into bigger problems with the plumbing system in your Fullerton ,CA home.

Simple Reasons for a Clogged Toilet

A simple clogged toilet can be caused by using too much toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, sanitary products, and diapers. Yes, human waste and toilet paper can clog a toilet, but these other products are not made to dissolve in water and should never be put into your plumbing system. In addition to immediate clogging, they also leave substances behind in the drain which cause further problems. When these materials are put into the toilet, the clog most often occurs at the top of the curving trap in the toilet fixture and can be easily cleared by a plunger. Yes the plunger will remove the water pressure, but it may take a significant amount of effort on your part to clear it. If you would like to prevent your toilet from becoming clogged, you shouldn’t put anything in your toilet except for toilet paper.

Toilet Paper

Household Items and Unusual Culprits

In addition to these materials, household items such as children’s toys, toothbrushes, small shampoo bottles, and any other small objects that you would find in the bathroom will clog your toilet. Clearing these from your plumbing will be more difficult, and may require a plumbing professional if you’re not willing to purchase the hardware to fix it. An unusual culprit that may lead to clogging your toilet is the sediment left behind by a dissolving cleaner that is said to help your system. These cleaners may help a bit, but what they leave behind in your pipes may be worse. Mineral deposit may also form from exterior water sources, creating blockages throughout your piping.


Serious Reasons

If you’ve noticed that your toilet is clogged and your sink running slow, this may be a clue that your problem lies beyond your Fullerton, CA toilet’s plumbing. Even if you’re careful not to put any of the previously mentioned materials down your toilet drain, the problem may be more serious than meets the eyes. Slow draining in several fixtures may mean that the main drain in your home is clogged, and you’ll need to contact your local Fullerton, CA professional plumber. A bigger problem would be roots growing into the public sewer system, which must be addressed by the proper pipe lining repairs. Your septic system may also need pumping, which is another issue for a trained professional to address. Most of these common reasons for a toilet being clogged can be cleared with a plunger. Having said that, you should carefully assess each situation to discern whether or not your issue is more serious and in need of a professional opinion.

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