Pipelining vs. Digging in Orange County

Why Choose Pipelining to Fix Your Broken Sewer Pipe

Pipelining is becoming an increasingly more popular method to fixing a broken sewer pipe than the traditional method of digging up the pipe and replacing it. There are many reasons for this and I have listed some of them below. But first what is pipelining and how does it work.

Pipelining is the process of creating a new sewer pipe inside of your existing pipe without having to dig your old pipe up. A tube consisting of felt (coated with PVC) is saturated with epoxy and inverted (turned inside out) into your existing sewer. It is cut to the specific length of the pipe to be repaired and once cured (usually within 2-3 hours) you have a brand new sewer pipe. The estimated life of this new pipe ranges from 50+ years.

Man with bucket and shovel on grass. Isolated 3D image

Pipelining Advantages

  1. Pipelining typically only requires a small hole (2′x2′) to access your pipe. The access pit can be strategically dug so as not to disturb your landscaping, driveway, lawn, etc. This compared to digging up your entire yard, driveway, landscaping, patio is a no-brainer. This method is often times used to repair broken pipe underneath your home as well so there is no restoration cost to replace slab, tile, carpet, floors, etc.
  2. Pipelining is much quicker than the digging and replacing you sewer pipe. Most residential lining jobs are completed and back in operation the same day.
  3. Pipelining is less expensive than digging your sewer pipe. Because it takes less time to complete the job the price is cheaper. In addition many times the restoration costs to replacing your sewer pipe (landscaping, driveway, slab, flooring, etc.) can be more than the actual price to replace your pipe!
  4. Pipelining is extremely less invasive than digging up your entire sewer pipe. When the job is complete you will never even now we were there!
  5. The cured liner has no joints for roots to grow in and cause you problems in the future. Root problems solved forever!

There are many more advantages to lining over digging but the bottom line is; it is a better alternative to digging up your sewer pipe. If you are still unsure about the process just know this, almost every single town, municipality, and city in the US uses pipelining to fix their (your) sewer pipes and have done so for 40 years now.

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