Can’t Clear Your Sewer Drain With A Drain Snake? The Next Step

SewerTV in Fullerton and the Orange County areas can help you maintain your plumbing by hydro jetting your lines clean. Keeping your pipes free of debris and buildup can save you a lot of money and time.

When Snaking Your Drain Isn’t Enough

The first good step to unclogging your drain is the tried-and-true method of drain-snaking. Drain-snaking itself isn’t a difficult procedure, so you may know how to do this at home. It’s just a question of whether or not you have the equipment. For the sake of our purposes here today, let’s say you do, and you tried rooting your backed up drain to no avail. This means that you could have a more serious problem on your hands. What, then, do you do next?

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SewerTV Is Your Hydro Jetting HQ In Fullerton, California

The next step is to call in the capable professionals at SewerTV. With our experience and know-how, we can accurately and efficiently diagnose your drain problems. If you’ve tried snaking your drain and that didn’t work, we mentioned you might have a tougher problem. The first thing we might try is an industrial snake. If that doesn’t work, we may deem it necessary to move on to hydro jetting. We might also recommend video inspection of your sewer system to see what and how extensive the obstruction is. It could be roots or an intrusive root system, sludge or mineral build-up, in which case hydro jetting is an effective, and often ideal way to unblock your pipe system.

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SewerTV of Fullerton, California will give you a free estimate for your hydro jetting procedure.
What Is Hydro Jetting?

What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a plumbing procedure that can be likened to power washing because it uses a strong, concentrated burst of water to “jet” out any barriers that may be impeding your lines from flowing freely, thereby causing disruptive and often foul-smelling clogs. SewerTV inserts the Costa Mesa hydro jetting into your pipes and literally blasts your troubles away. The benefits are many:

  • Clears out pesky roots and root systems
  • Blasts away mineral deposit build-up
  • Easily clears sludge and waste

Hydro jetting is usually done through a “cleanout.” The machine has a tank, a specially engineered high-pressure hose and a precision-calibrated nozzle which can eject water up to a rate of 3,500psi. Sewer TV can work with lengths of several hundred feet with our pro-grade hydro jetting system.

Hydro Jetting As A Preventive Measure

We usually don’t worry about having to call the plumber until something goes wrong, but a little forethought and planning can go along way, saving you money and inconvenience. Therefore it’s really not a bad idea to protect your investment, your home or business, by having SewerTV do an inspection of your plumbing. It’s like going to the dentist for a checkup. A little work here and a keen eye there are good ways to prevent more serious problems down the road. Let SewerTV be your Fullerton-area preventive plumber. Protect your investments!

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